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The first thing to understand is that geometric growth obviously works! Every tree you sit under, fish you see swimming or child that you hold hands with has developed from geometric growth. It works because our world has been doing this for thousands of years very successfully at that. We as humans have a tremendous opportunity to mimic this within our daily lives not only dealing with our families but within our businesses as well. It is basically ingrained in us already. The break down of geometric growth is what causes failure and we can learn a valuable lesson from this to create better businesses as well as creating a kind of balance for ourselves.

Owning home base business is rewarding as it is a ways for you to be your own boss and realize triple time profits. This is easier to say finding the right home base business is demanding and time consuming. The great thing about starting a top home base business is that you should have no problem getting your name in front of potential customers. After all, you are an internet marketing specialist therefore internet home base business can be your BEST bet towards financial security.

Regardless of the pitfalls and problems, the Internet has clearly revolutionized the way we do business. Internet based product research and procurement, e mail, the ability to sell surplus items on eBay, Internet based Electronic Data Interchange and other Internet based functions have all become accepted and even critical parts of our everyday business lives.

The cost of technology implementation is often more heavily weighted on the side of training and acceptance than it is on actual software and hardware. The cost of beginning technology implementation and then abandoning it can be devastating. This may require more extensive research and planning than other business processes and perhaps needs a healthy dose of skepticism. The bottom line is that e business is a must in order to compete in today’s environment. Ignore it at your peril.

In the late ’90s, e business was seen as the Holy Grail of commerce the next big thing. Promises included increasing the efficiency of distribution, disintermediation, reducing marketing and procurement costs, and decreasing errors in data distribution. Investors pumped billions into companies with no more than a business plan and a spreadsheet. It was a revolution and virtually everyone was on board.

Autologica presents the fifth part in a series of articles that address some of the common problems and situations that arise in family owned businesses. The articles are based on an interview between Al McClymont, CEO of Autologica Dealer Management Systems, and J.C. Aimetta, an expert and coach who specializes in family owned businesses and who has ample experience consulting for this type of company.

J.C. Aimetta is a consultant to more than 65 small and medium family owned businesses, and a negotiator in family conflicts and in the sale of family owned businesses. He is also a professor on the subject in graduate and post graduate courses in 3 Argentine universities, and has given conferences in Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Then, between March 11, 2000 and Oct. 9, 2002, the technology focused NASDAQ Composite Index lost 78 percent of its value as it fell from 50486 to 1111 E business became the butt of jokes on “The Tonight Show” and “Saturday Night Live.” Virtually everyone got out of the tech stock sector. Investors and decision makers were overenthusiastic during the rise and overenthusiastic during the fall of the tech sector. The truth and the value of e business lies somewhere in between.

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